[South Africa] Swipe iX announces shift to cloud based digital solutions

South Africa software development company Swipe iX has announced that is shifting its focus towards cloud-based digital solutions.

With successful implementations for key clients such as Shoprite, Old Mutual and M-Net to name a few, Swipe iX’s CEO; Hendri Lategan along with the founding partners Deon Heunis (CTO) and Leo Redelinghuys (MD), elaborates on why the digital solutions agency is delving deeper into cloud computing and how these new categories of applications are transforming the playing field.

Lategan explains that they’ve fixed their gaze on cloud innovation and are focused on utilising cloud computing combined with emerging technologies such as machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Lategan adds “Swipe iX is not so much focussing on the physical migrations to the cloud, but more on the potential one may have for implementing and leveraging the power of cloud-based applications once there.”

He continues “While there is an absolute imperative for transferring key business functions and workloads to cloud-based infrastructures, where the real opportunity lies in the reinvention and innovation of these functions with the immensely powerful toolkit that will be made available to you.”

Deon Heunis, Swipe iX’s CTO and co-founder remarks, “Serverless architecture is evolving into a necessity rather than an amenity for key industry players, and that future competitiveness is dependant on the rate at which companies adopt and implement cloud computing.”

Due to the buzz surrounding cloud solutions, Heunis predicts that an influx of South African companies will shift towards cloud computing in an effort to streamline productivity, maximise efficiency, and gain a competitive edge.

Leo Redelinghuys explains why Swipe is zeroing in on cloud innovation and why it is uniquely positioned to leverage cloud services to accelerate business innovations for its core clients and beyond.

“Swipe iX has been culturally focussed on embracing emerging technologies since its inception and one of the key focus areas has been strengthening platform architectures through serverless infrastructure and continuous integration for improved scalability and security for our existing platforms.”

She continued, “Since the very early days of AWS making an appearance on the scene we have been keen on understanding how to best use these features and make the most of them. This has provided us with key learnings and experience along the way that has poised us to take our service offering to the next level.”

Cloud computing is the buzz topic in the IT industry, but at this point, the usefulness of this technology is by no means assumed simply by its implementation. It is in understanding and actively working towards the successful optimisation and implementation of these platforms that will bring its true potential to bear on solving real-world business challenges. Swipe iX offers its expertise to help businesses know where to start on their journey to the cloud.