[South Africa] Optimum cloud adoption requires a considered approach, says PBT Group

Globally, companies are adopting cloud computing at an unprecedented rate with an aim to achieve scalability, cost savings, agility, availability, and security. While these benefits are tempting, the path to effective cloud migration is fraught with challenges, says Willem Conradie, CTO of PBT Group. “Despite the appeal of benefits like scalability, agility, and cost savings,…

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How cloud-native approaches are redefining business

[Column] Ronald Magondo: How cloud-native approaches are redefining business

Cloud-native approaches are rapidly redefining the business landscape, enabling forward-thinking businesses to realise new opportunities, deliver digital innovations and unleash their growth potential. So what is a cloud-native approach and how can it benefit your business? Today‚Äôs rapidly evolving digital ecosystem demands that businesses continuously seek out novel and innovative strategies in order to maintain…

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[Column] Christopher Saul: Turbulence between the clouds – The importance of a standard operating environment

The explosion of cloud-based computing in Kenya has forced IT professionals to rethink their infrastructure and software strategies. The country led the rest of the continent in cloud spending in 2022, and while that spending is forecast to decrease this year, benefits such as improved security and customer service, scalability, and business efficiency are driving many enterprises…

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The Future Lies in Cloud Printing Solutions

[Column] Mukesh Bector: The Future Lies in Cloud Printing Solutions

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses operate, and its impact has extended to the print industry as well. Cloud printing solutions have emerged as a game-changer, transforming traditional printing processes and offering a host of benefits to businesses and individuals alike. Statistics show that cloud-first organisations now outnumber on-premise organisations by a ratio of three-to-one….

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